First conversion with brand new NOS BMW motor

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Leather Saddlebags

Our genuine cowhide leather saddle bags are made by hand by our supplier, a husband and wife team. The purchase the leather, they dye it themselves, the hand cut it, and they even hand stitch it themselves. Truly old world craftsmanship.


New H-D Panhead seats

Our seats are but by hand from the pan up. The Pan is modeled after the Harley Panhead, so it fits those models as well.


The leather is 2 mm thick, and hand dyed. It is then hand cut, and hand stitched.


Hand tooled leather is also available.


These seats will fit on the H-D Panhead, the BMW /2 (with the T-Bar as well), the Chang Jiang, and the Ural.


Photo Gallery (click to enlarge each photo)

Bobber Bike

Photo Gallery (click to enlarge each photo)
Jimbos Bobber finished front, Jimbos Bobber
Jimbos Bobber finished right side, Jimbos Bobber
Jimbos Bobber finished front, Jimbos Bobber
Jimbos Bobber finished left rear, Jimbos Bobber

Yes, believe it or not this IS a Chang Jiang 750.

The frame is stock, with the stock plunger rear suspension, now exposed.


The front end is a Springer.

The fat wheels and tires are also borrowed from the classic American Cruiser.


We bobbed the rear fender and fabricated a custom stainless steel exhaust.

The seat is also a custom piece from chrome with leather inserts.


Powering this bike is a BMW R75/5 motor coupled to a 4 speed transmission.

As good as it looks, it rides even better.

Lightweight, nimble, but with plenty of scoot.


Jimbo's Shop in Video!

Just a short video to present our sidecars. Check it out.  


American know-how, German BMW engineering

In the blue sweatshirt with the welding mask: Jim Bryant! Yup, it's me. Born and raised in the glorious state of New Hampshire, United States, I used to be a race car driver. My gig was IndyCars, and for many years I sweated over big engines, hot asphalt, and racy girls.


My pro career then moved to China where I introduced several large US companies like Pizza Factory and Subway. This is when I met the love of my life, and decided to make Beijing my permanent home.


I got involved with ChangJiang motorcycles back in the mid-1990s, when my wife had the good taste to offer me a vintage sidecar to remind me of my good ole days.


I was hooked, and the bug never left me. Over the years, I have restored and built more CJ 750 sidecars than I can shake a dipstick at. On the last count,we have delivered over 120 BMW powered Chang Jiang conversions.


God blessed me, I love my job!


My 100% Guarantee


When you buy a CJ750 from my shop, you get a 100% guarantee: Your bike is reliable, you can ride it everyday and not worry about getting stranded on the roadside somewhere.


We know the job. We do it well, better than anyone around, matter of fact. And we stand behind the quality of our workmanship.


That's my 100% guarantee.


Come visit us, and watch your bike being built.